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As a forerunner to the article about my garden that I promised Christopher, I want to show you a series of photos of the last project that was realized in my garden last summer: the pond. It has a capacity of about 30.000 liters of water. The base was realized in butilic rubber placed directly on the ground. In the photos 1 to 4 you can have a look at the construction process of the vessel. Where it was needed because of the drop of the terrain, a thin brick wall was built. You can see that the pond has a naturally waved form, except the central zone which has perfectly angled walls of 90º. The idea I wanted to conceive was a wood construction over the waters of a sea, in the style of the the photos of japanese gardens we have all seen a lot of times.

The other garden, in the south area (now divided by an old entrance ramp) was nearly done and very well structured. It is a very english garden with trees (birches, lime trees, cherry trees, almond trees, robinias frisa, jacarandaes, aso.) of 30 years of age and a very good bearing. I have only added some flower beds delimiting the lawn and the rock wall, moved two ancient olive trees which were situated in the actual japanece garden, constructed a porch of 5 x 10 meters and, recently, a very pretty palm tree (fenix canariensis) of a property situated 5 km away.

The next step will be the union of the two gardens, covering the ramp by means of burying the infrastructures to construct the basement for the swimming pool/pond, which will be joining the actual pond I am showing you today, creating the optical illusion of a unique and big water surface, where in reality, exist two different zones. The two gardens have a terrain drop of about one meter which will force me to build a boundless swimming pool/pond. If I am able to do it, it will be a joy for the sight.

The day I saw the rocks, recently serviced, in a wholesaler, covered with natural moss, I knew they were for me. To maintain the moss in shape, I have created a rain system composed of micronizing sprinklers which rinse the rocks every two hours for 5 minutes. In the photo you can see the clouds formed by the sprinklers (and the stream of one of the sprinklers where the micronizer fell off). This is vital to conserve the moss and create life. After six month, the light green color of the moss looks great and a lot of plant have grown, giving the rocks as a whole the aspect as if they have been there a much longer time. The final thing I did was to set up two genuine japanese laterns on the rock surface.

The next step, besides the construction of a ancient japanese Ryokan in the middle of the water, will (probably) be to place a bonsai forest (my real hobby) simulating islands, to give the whole structure the correct proportion (the big problem which could transform a possible wonderful thing into a blunder: the proportions).

In the zone behind the pond (in the west part), besides of creating the lawn dunes, i planted some deciduous trees (beech trees, acer sacharum, chestnuts, oak trees, liquidambar and carpes already there) which in autumn show such a beautiful range of colors which make you cry of joy.

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Your garden

In this section I will include some parks and botanical gardens of Madrid and other places which are special because of their design or variety of the flora they incorporate.

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