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The garden in autumn
The garden in winter
The garden in spring
The garden in summer

When you acquire a new house with a garden that is already done it is very difficult to imagine how the terrain looked like before the garden was designed and realized. In the case of my garden I was lucky as the previous owners provided me with some photographs of the "before"; on my part I tried to reproduce the same photos of the "after".

The work on this garden started back in spring of the year 1990, so when this article was written, 14 years have gone by and the garden has changed in a quite radical way, as can be seen in the photos of the before and after.

The most difficult part creating a new garden is to visualize how the garden will look like after some years of growth and this is a fact that wasn't different in this garden. The main components of the garden -the stone walk, the flower beds and the big area in the back- already delimited the main areas of the garden, but some changes have been realized in the following years until the definitive form was accomplished.

For example the pond was added and some of the flower beds at the left where increased in size. The form of the flower bed at the right side also changed to create more space for the laurocerasus and cotoneaster plantings.

It is also surprising how the views of the garden have changed when the detached houses in the back where constructed. On one hand the constructors eliminated the centenary holm oaks that where sited behind the garden, but if you have a look at the image below, these houses grant the compound a kind of intimate and protected seclusion.

The question is how the garden will look in the years to come. The main labour will now be concentrated on the lower part of the garden behind the pyracantha hedge where we would like to create a kind of elegant "japanese chillout", now in design and finished in the next two years.

In the upper photo the garden is beginning to have shape. The trees have been planted, a chopo in first place, acer pseudoplatanus behind and in the back a mimosa that does not exist any more. The arizonica hedge has been set up which today has grown to form the vegetable wall it is today. You can also see the pyracantha plantings in the back which now is a dense hedge. It is a pity that last summer some of the older plants died so I had to replace them with young plantings. Only 12 years have passed from one illustration to the other.

If you compare the old illustrations with the new ones you can easily see how appropriate the decision was, to create the pond area with the two evergreen balls as the mass of water and plants produce a section in the main perspective of the garden which increases its overall size.

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Garden history

In this section I want to show you some details of the garden and how they evolved and grew during the past years.

14 years have gone by since the garden was constructed (now it is 2004).