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How to plant a tree
Ever wonder how to plant a tree? Follow these steps to make ensure a good strong healthy tree.

by: Article provided by Guzman's greenhouse, published the: 2004-07-30

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Following are 10 steps on planting a healthy tree or shrub. Remember, we are NOT doing rocket science here. Do NOT loosen the soil, or expose the roots from any plotted plant, this will stress out the plant and could damage or kill it.

1. We will be planting a 5 gallon eucalyptus tree. Be sure you have the right tree or shrub for your landscape or space. Remember to use sun-loving trees that are suitable for the desert southwest. Also be sure to place plants with similar needs together.

2. Dig a hole about 6-12" wider than the pot and do not go deeper than what is in the container. Try to handle the tree or shrub by the container or stake.

3. Carefully remove the tree or shrub from the container. Tap the pot with your fist or use a small hammer to loosen the root ball. Do NOT unloosen the soil from the roots. Doing so may "stress the tree".

4. Place the plant or tree in the hole making sure the it is level and straight with the surrounding landscape. We are not doing rocket science here, use common sense when planting.

5. Back fill the hole with about 50% your soil and 50% organic compost, and top it with organic mulch or bark. Do about 1/2 of the original soil and 1/2 compost. Compost and mulch will help retain water and help with root development.

6. Make a dirt or compost border around the tree or shrub and fill with water.

7. Use about 3-4 tlbs of root stimulator to about 3 gallons of water.

8. Most trees and or shrubs require quite a bit of water when first planted. Soak thoroughly the first day. Remember to use root stimulator as this will help stimulate new root growth.

9. Water at least every day for the first 2-3 weeks. Then cut back depending on the type of plant you have.

10. Remember to use mulch on the plant to minimize evaporation. This will also help cool the soil and reduce weeds.

Article provided by Guzman's greenhouse

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