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The Vermiculite Advantage in Bonsai Soil
Finding the best kind of soil can be tricky

by: Michael Caputi of, published the: 2005-10-22

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Finding the best kind of bonsai soil could be tricky. There is a lot of information out there advising the novice of which types of soil are good. Some people inform us that it depends which kind of tree, what kind of environment, etc. However, let us at tell you that having a bonsai soil mix with vermiculite, like the mixes we offer, will benefit any kind of bonsai tree, in any kind of environment.

Vermiculite is commonly used in bonsai soil as an ingredient to achieve the inorganic content ratio. It is a mineral in the silicate family. What makes it perfect for any kind of bonsai is the fact that it is neutral and water-absorbent. Being a neutral inorganic medium, gives you, the bonsai hobbyist, the control of what pH level, fertilizer level, and other nutrients your tree requires. In addition, being that it is water-absorbent, also makes it perfect for any environment. Instead of adding other kinds of organic material to dry out your soil quicker, or vice-versa, increase the moisture content, just add or remove the amount of vermiculite based on your trees requirements.

Aside from all the above advantageous of vermiculite, there are others. The material is great for dressing up your soil and pot. The color is natural and golden, the flakes are thin and small, like a small granule of golden rock, which also helps root development and keeps a well-aerated environment. Therefore, it blends in perfectly with other media, and recommended with pine bark. It is extremely light-weight, making your pot and tree easy to carry and light. Vermiculite is also cost-effective, which saves you money in the long-run.

There are so many advantageous to vermiculite as an addition in bonsai soil. Having good water-retention, aeration, looks and color, is all great for bonsai. In addition, being inexpensive and readily available at, is an even better reason to try a soil mix with vermiculite today.

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